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Benefits of Retta & Co.’s Accounting:

·Current operation resources can focus on core responsibilities.

·Improved accounting controls and reporting.

·Improved process for organizing tax reporting information in turn reducing internal costs while also mitigating additional professional fees.

·Introduction of infrastructure necessary to support early stage growth without the capital and internal resources typically required.

·Eliminates redundancy & implements quantitative time management.

Enactment Process

We will meet to review overall project goals and establish metrics to monitor achievement of objectives.  In addition, we will map out the current Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable process, document approval authority, review annual tax preparation requirements, review the format of your financial statements and dashboards, and define administrative and users rights. Finally, we will document the specific accounting responsibilities of your company and Retta & Co. to confirm they are aligned with the scope of the outlined processes.

System Configuration

Retta & Co will either configure suitable industry software and/or migrate existing software data to support the requirements documented in the previous phase.

Data Migration & Training

While one goal of this project is to off load transactional accounting tasks from non-accounting personnel, it is important that your company’s management knows how to run reports and check status of critical accounting metrics. During this phase, we will train designated resources to perform these critical tasks.

Retta & Co. Outsourced Accounting

(Based on Gross Revenue)

Up to 500k – $395/mo

500 to 1M – $795/mo

1M to 3M – $1500/mo

3M to 5M – $2750/mo

5M to 10M – $5000/mo

Payroll Integtation

Payroll Add On – Additional $39/mo.  $6/employee

Quarterly Tax Planning

Quarterly Tax Planning & Estimated Payments – $295/Qtr

Key Benefits:

  • Tax planning ensures implementation of all current, applicable tax savings initiatives.
  • Documented tax planning is a great defense tool in the rare event of an audit.

Prospective Clients:

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